Mercury in Retrograde p.2

Man, a good woman makes me feel so at ease that I forget to keep my guards up early on but a fast woman always attempt to be a step ahead. Games are tiring.

Some people’s concepts on certain things are so wonked. How can some folk not see how flawed their logic is? Not saying the way I think is the way to go but at the same time I don’t parade my thoughts as if the people who don’t think similarly are beneath me or don’t deserve certain things because they have a different thought process.

This world is not enough, its too small. Not the actual world but just mine. I want more from life and I want a life where I dont feel like just a utility to make someone elses life better. Guess what I want dont really amount to shit & I’m sick of being the kleenex. Its cool, I’ll find my way somehow.

Can’t wait to see the world through a bigger scope cause I do not like feeling boxed in. Being open minded is great but when most folks around you have closed minds, you start to feel trapped or backed into a corner & outcasted.