Real is Rare but When is ”Real”…Real?

Just in my thoughts while meditating and I just think of how good things are in my life right now and another thought is that, how real is this?

This is…rare and foreign to me at the same time. It’s like, is it real???

How many bodies did I step over to get here? Who’s hearts were broken before me? Where are we going???

I d k who it is looking back at me through the mirror. I don’t recognize myself because I’ve only seen me this happy once before and I am sure, my past with another was pure lust…

This feels like the makings of love…but if not…it’s the new prototype……

I feel like I’m watching my other half of me take the wheel and lead me into who knows where and metaphorically, all I can do is watch from the passenger.

Did I take someone’s spot? And who is the person that lost this blessing because I love it but who lost it and why?

If it’s too good to be true then maybe it is but I can’t believe that because I know what’s worth it isn’t gonna be easy and I just want to know my obstacles ahead of time so I’m aware because if this is love and loyalty, let me fully understand how this came to be.

Show me your truth, and you’ll have nothing but me and my honesty and I want to take you further than the moon and back, I just need to understand…….are you my rider?