Libra Rising – Serina Corese Mayes

There was once this girl who was fully awakened that she showed me how to have sex without even touching.

She saw everything with her third eye only, her name is Serina Corese Mayes with 3 sisters, one brother and she is a raging dread head like myself. She is a libra, born in October’s Very Own.

I fell in love with her in 3 weeks top. I never wrongfully touched her just lil love taps. I met a girl once who was as woke as her but she had a family and was going through a rocky divorce. She was bald like Amber Rose and her name was Khalifa. 

(Cool because I love Wiz Khalifa!)

Serina is short with beautiful hair and her color is pink because she is short with a burst of life. She is the reason why pink is one of my favorite colors. She made my sun rise and I make the moon follow us.

I miss her and I cried a storm, i cried lakes and rivers when she left

The Sun still arose the next day.

The last day I saw her we played basketball and her nickname Lola Bunny really came to life. She made me look like Bugs Bunny on the court the way I followed her tail around.

I miss her 😦