The Test

I can feel I am being tested, heavily lately.

I’ve told myself that its time for me to snap out of this inactiveness, leave distractions alone, to become the artist and to become the man that I need to be.

Old flames being put out due to time or mistakes I’ve made from the past. I shouldn’t feel a way about the past but emotions do what they will.

New interests have only been just that, interests and nothing further. I can only question if its the wrong people I have interests in or if I just need to better myself before I approach anyone and with this outlook on life I am slowly growing to have, there is always room for self-improvement. 

Lane switching takes place almost daily, I don’t dwell on the motives of others, I can only further progress the motion I am building for myself.

Then whats weird to me is, people becoming upset when I want to be alone or when I make plans for myself. I really don’t understand that.

Do you own time, that of which does not belong to yourself, that is in another’s possession? Rhetorical. 

My car chooses the same week my social life seems to take a deep dive. Just great.

All through this I can only say that creatively I’ve been awakened. My inspiration lately has hit a major growth spurt. Stress has only been fueling the flame and I have been working. I plan on keeping my projects generally private until I’m ready to release it. I always have to remember that when I make my own projects, I am only creating for myself something visually depicting an idea of mine in the hopes that it at least catches the eye of a few people and it possibly sparks an idea for the next creative. 

Lastly, I’ve been studying and researching visual media and information much more frequently than ever before because I am now getting a better understanding of what to look for that of which I can apply to myself.


When you feel like you’re being tested maybe its because you should brace yourself for your newly approaching successes.