May 11th

My mind has been racing in all directions these past few months. Life is such the roller coaster. To be honest, I haven’t been completely content in over 4 years. Now, I know you can’t have what you want always but in over 4 years, I can’t have something simple?

i’m not going into further details.


I’ve been needing a creative spark.
I need a trip or an outing of some intellectual value and worth. Not that I’m having a mental block because once I start something, the ideas always pour in, I need that motivational push to keep going. I am not losing faith in my ability, its just that I do so much mainly on my own with my art & my business. I don’t really have an official team or even a collective for that matter. I work with people from time to time but its no real definites that we’ll always continue creating together. I hardly get any feedback from people I actually know on anything I make. I don’t even know what people think of my shit, so I guess I have to do better cause right now I feel like everything I do is shit.
I don’t need a pat on the back, I just have nothing else to go on at the moment…barely even talk to my friends about my work anymore because they’ve shown little to no interest.

over time this just makes me more & more cynical


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