May 9th – 2K15//eno.Theory

Rise w/ the Sun, in the light of the moon, I run & thrive.
Video Projects are being readied for a release, possibly starting this year for me.
I’ve made short films before & a few short docs but they were all amateur but I’m fine with that because they were my firsts.
Toe dipped the water so to speak to get a better feel of the game that I’m still studying to this day by observations & on field practice.

Just thought of a name for my partnered projects, yop.
( saving for l8r, “f.c.a.” est. – 5, 9, 2k15 )

Also, great news for anyone who knows that I was invited to help on a film last summer in Chicago. I finally get to see the final product soon. Another trip to the beautiful Chi-Town. Oh yea mon.
(I shot the BTS photos & some footage)
#BTS #covered by #enovisions
Oh! And soon you can see the BTS photos on the film site, in which yes in fact I made the film site as well 😛 and now thinking this, I’ll add a tab straight from this site to that site, soon… :mrgreen:
Btw, those same BTS photos are here on, enovisionsHD as well,
“Jermaine” BTS Photos

Always looking up & even at my lowest when I come back up, I see just exactly how much I was still truly indeed, blessed.

– ever.notable.outcast ( eno )

On that note, #enovisions , #loneeno aka #thePonderer #SigningOff and to you all…