May 4th, 2K15

May the 4th Be With You.
May the 4th Be With You.


thinking out loud.

Just need to see a vision of beauty & serenity grace these sockets, that’ll entangle me & the feeling be mutual. I digress, alas theres more work that needs to be done cause for some reason something is keeping me from my blissful distractions. Apparently, I’m better at making visions reality for others rather than myself living in my visions, realistically.

I miss the passion. Just doing the do and getting your rocks off, has been ok and all’at but I want to do ALL it takes to make a real woman get hers. Hadn’t been w/ someone passionately in idk how long but I want to fuse w/ a woman and vice versa. I want to find that inspiration you only get from going some rounds so that, 1. I can create from a place of a love that can only be ignited from that vibe and, 2. I want to bond w/ the lady afterwards. Dig deep in her mind and for what its worth, I’d prolly leave something there if its real cause thats all I want, something real.

To be a man, is to realize that there are wolves inside us, to be the moderator for the ongoing internal bout of good & evil within us all. To be a man, is to know not how long the storm stays overhead but to know what to do with all the new growth once the storm passes.

Opposites would attract if it weren’t for this era being so attracted to familiarities and then they’re so surprised when it all becomes predictable. Folks put themselves into them vicious cycles.

Its so many more ways to do the right thing than it is to do the wrong but most folks are lazy. ‪#‎DoTheRightThing‬