Can’t Sleep.

Cant sleep. My dreams are my only reality. My life is my proof of existing beyond my control. I feel a void where my emotions once lived. I need freedom. I need a passport. My life feels too bound to a container far from mine own. I know its a big world out there, I just need a piece to myself.


While in Recovery – 7/24/15 – 9:45 A.M.

If a meek, a drake, a trump, a cosby can distract you from the fact that we are still being killed off as if we’re slaves, as if civil rights aint never been right, as if whites can be painted as a murderous badass who can get bk on the way to jail because they really can have it their way and as if cops can do all the injustices but no wrong, those are not distractions. You are merely sheep & just plain old stupid if you can let media and propaganda make you forget that we live in a country built on terrorism.

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