Untitled 2020

Social media is sad. (Society is sad)

Everyone wants to be heard.

No one cares what you have to say or show.

It’s tough but it makes you more introverted than anything.

I’d rather keep my real opinions and theories to myself.

I can use that same energy for my own website or a book or even film it.

It all becomes a show. Who can sh*t or flex on someone the most. I don’t mind looking good but I also don’t gaf about how bad it makes the next person feels.

I don’t eat for someone else to be able to sh*t.

I’m not myself when I’m thinking about someone else. Are we designed to lose ourselves when we wish to entertain someone else? Then we find ourselves again when it all simmers? Adulting is for the birds.

I have more I want to say but I’d rather save it before I make this post a rant.


Repetitive destinies, history repeats itself. I played with a Destiny to get stranded and slapped by faith. Bit by an aggressive prototype that might actually be a lost dyke. Could pair em with a foreign transgression if I put that in transmission but dipped I did and left the timeline because honestly I just gotta worry bout mines.


After much sleep and deliberation I’ve come to the conclusion that a man can’t and shouldn’t run from every situation because it’s the easy thing to do. I’m realizing the rules I once thought were set for men aren’t solid, they’re fluid and change by circumstance. Doing what’s hard and learning from doing so is becoming of me. When you make a bed, lay in the mfkr. Now when reasonable doubt appears, it’s up to a man’s discernment to get out of that bed and push on. When a strong woman wants to be by your side through thick and thin, consider the whole circumstance before ditching when times are rough. It’s easier to run than stand tall. It’s safe to say I’ve met my match but as a man, I’m realizing that contemplation is necessary and so is space. Don’t let it all go to waste. Think smart and also think for yourself. This shxt is bread and butter.

No Name 2

It’s critical how political society can be. So opinionated that literally everything can be taken out of context and I get clipped with a subliminal. Misunderstanding upon misunderstanding, I am tired of being misunderstood. A lil bit of help is different from a lot. Specifically not being specific but I am sick of the random response.