Editing Session w/ CEO Crystal Bailey for WalkTV

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I call myself editing a trailer for this new show I’ve been working on and I was worried it was too long but it turns out my trailer was the layup for the Pilot Episode, it’s pending but as of now I’m headlining the Pilot! Life really is about shooting your shot because you do not want to spend your life regretting the shot you didn’t take! 😩🙌🏾 #RealTableTalks

Future for Frontline Workers

I’m just really excited I was accepted in the free tuition program for Frontline Workers. I can continue my journey of searching for the knowledge to sustain my career goals and build a brighter future for myself and my family.

Monday’s Photoshoot w/ Crystal Bailey “CEO, Role Model, Entrepreneur”

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Crystal Bailey – CEO, Politician, Role Model

I’ve been very busy lately, working with Crystal Bailey as her personal cameraman. Developing a great body of work with this inspirational woman. The motivation she exudes with all she does is amazing. All I can do is show you what we come up with, more to come, most definitely. #StayTuned #SoonCome

Hope Dealer of Detroit: “Ants into Butterflies”