#enovisions – “Sunshine, curves, and good times.”


#HBKid – “Woke up to the radio, the forecast hit the D with 84”


#DirtyDiana – “In good weather, why not shoot?”

Network and Twerk Promo x @enovisions

This is the promo footage of a networking event I covered called, “Network and Twerk”. It was created and hosted by DaShaune Hawkins.

Follow her on IG @Diirty__Diiana

and on Twitter @DiirtyDiiana

The initial coverage will be posted soon, so tune in.


YouTube | Network and Twerk | enovisions


Can’t Sleep.

Cant sleep. My dreams are my only reality. My life is my proof of existing beyond my control. I feel a void where my emotions once lived. I need freedom. I need a passport. My life feels too bound to a container far from mine own. I know its a big world out there, I just need a piece to myself.