enoVHD in Retrospect

Just having late night thoughts about my dreams and goals. I’m getting closer by the day and the more I stay focused, the further I get. I can’t speak on too much cause I hate when things fall through but I’ve never felt closer. More to come from enovisions soon, so stay tuned.

Wild Thoughts

Been fasting for nearly 3 years now and it has been a food fast, but going into this 3rd year, I’m somewhat switching gears and I’m also fasting on my online consumption with social media. I’ve learned that it has been my distraction and oddly enough I feel relief when I turn my phone off. DND isn’t enough sometimes neither is airplane mode because I’m still tempted to check on my phone if it’s on, but when it’s not, all bets are off and I feel hidden for some reason.

I don’t know who really reads these and sometimes when I want to talk but at times when I can’t talk to the people I want to, I’ll resort to these posts on my website.

I’ve been working on a lot of my own personality management lately. < image from the mobile app called, “The Pattern” >

I’m public and yet private. I’m trying to be more transparent mostly but when it’s something close to home, I’m more private. One thing I will say, cater to what caters to you. I’m working on not letting my stress manipulate me into becoming an a$$h*le.


Execute Order 66

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Last Reflection of 2020: Don’t Accept Less Than What You’re Worth

Less is more. Lesson I learned from this year.

Discernment and cutting folks off was my 2nd and 3rd lessons. Don’t accept less than what you’re worth.

Won’t speak on too much because I don’t feel like making a think piece, I’m just tired of posting to social media and not my own site. Don’t want to give out the sauce without the proper distribution.

One Way relationships are dead. I’m relying on myself for everything.

Don’t over pour yourself into people you have affections for because you have affections for them.

Pour into what pours back.

Listen first and do not let your personal stresses interfere w/ personal relationships but make yourself heard and understood without interjecting.

It just feels that there’s more life to live and there’s no rush on commitment when it’s in fact not mutual.

A therapist once told me that some people are just going to never have a romantic love and I vowed to disagree because that’s a fact I just did not want to believe but it’s true.

It may not be necessarily true for me but if I focus on love, I probably won’t ever have it.

“Channeling Pac, Challenging 2” – Poetic enoizms (ever.notable.outcast)

“Poetic Justice, sentence me with, Just Us.”

It’s getting hard to be optimistic, when lately these women flee from intrinsic values.

It’s molding harder men daily, to the point now we screaming and shouting.

Madness where there’s no love and we wonder how did all this happen.

Rather pack the strap, pack the good, and let the smoke clear out all the pain.

All you hear is loud bangs, loud thrashes, and here I am searching for the Sunshine after the Rain.

– Channeling Pac, Challenging 2 –

“California with Crystal Bailey” Oct. 23rd-25th

En Route to LA

So this has been a long time coming…

LA, California has always been a goal of mine. Hollywood for the film industry, obviously. This trip is special because it’s for business with my craft with the camera.

This is no basic vacation. I’m still grinding for my dream. I was invited out with my client, Crystal Bailey, C.E.O. And Entrepreneur. She’s currently looking for a house to move into in California and she has family in the smoothie business out there as well.

Her plans are to followup on the development of a preschool in LA.

This trip has a lot to be developed.

Before takeoff, the wait feels like forever.

I was unfortunate enough to earn a middle seat but thank the Lord I’ve lost weight or this flight would be unbearable, nonetheless, I’m super excited.

I thought it was somewhat hilarious Crystal was the last to get on the plane, as if they waited before takeoff for her.

I’ve been getting so much good sleep on this flight to LA.

So working out in LA, on an invitation by Crystal Bailey, CEO Entrepreneur Politician Businesswoman, to capture her as she is preparing her huge life change, her move to California.

What she is planning to do, is a huge game changer. I don’t want to reveal too much details but she plans on building a preschool as well as write a children’s book.

After the great picnic of African Cuisine, I ended my second night in California w/ my big sister, Goobie, whom definitely knows how to show me around her town.

She spoiled me good. She took me to Hollywood and we spend our evening on the Hollywood Boulevard/Hollywood Walk of Fame.

We got some great Mexican food. I got steak tacos w/ rice and refried beans and plenty of shots of Tequila.

Oddly enough the pandemic has changed everything but the restaurant made us share a table with a nearby couple but luckily we all were served outside w/ outside seating.

The greatest part about that late night adventure, was get this, imagine a food truck but with Strippers instead of food. Genius. Innovative. Astonishing.

And so obviously they park right near our portion of the Walk of Fame, practically blocking us in and instantly turning our outdoor section into an instant V.I.P. Section and it was great.

There was even a magically hero whom graced our presence. He had a remarkable story which I can’t remember a word of it due to all the Tequila but From what I remember is that he only gives away free doobies to the less fortunate unless you’re like me, a tourist from Detroit, and best believe my hometown was the magic word because when I said that he opened up. He told me, “You should’ve said that first.” He had a story about Snoop Dogg as he left me with a gift.

I’ll never forget that guy.

Besides that the Hispanic couple they sat my sister and I with were randomly pretty cool people and instantly we all felt like best friends that known each other for years.

Some will say what they want about California, LA, or even Hollywood, and some will say what others have said for that matter but the people of California I dealt with were some of the nicest people I’ve met out in public in a long time.

On my last day out in Cali, I had to stop over in Compton on Crenshaw and Slauson to see the Great Nipsey Hussle Clothing store which serves moreso as a memorial for him in my eyes. No more words needed about that experience except it was necessary and R.I.P Nip, the marathon continues, all money in and for the Neighborhood.

Grabbed breakfast w/ my big sis not far from LAX at a Jack in the Box and enjoyed our last moments together. Even had to remake a famous local whom goes by, “Doggface” with his famous Fleetwood Mac “Dreams” tribute.

✌🏾☮️❣️ and soul, From LA to Detroit w/ Love and I’ll be back home when I wake up. I’m coming home.

Editing Session w/ CEO Crystal Bailey for WalkTV

RealTableTalks @ the editing session. It’s lit. #success Topped with #Bdubs #BWW
WalkFashionShow #CrystalBailey
WalkTV #WalkFashionShowDetroit

I call myself editing a trailer for this new show I’ve been working on and I was worried it was too long but it turns out my trailer was the layup for the Pilot Episode, it’s pending but as of now I’m headlining the Pilot! Life really is about shooting your shot because you do not want to spend your life regretting the shot you didn’t take! 😩🙌🏾 #RealTableTalks