Repetitive destinies, history repeats itself. I played with a Destiny to get stranded and slapped by faith. Bit by an aggressive prototype that might actually be a lost dyke. Could pair em with a foreign transgression if I put that in transmission but dipped I did and left the timeline because honestly I just gotta worry bout mines.

What once was…

Times are definitely mutating. Mutations and alterations of what I once thought was the path. The path is the same but the road, evolved in front of my face. I know I’ve grown and became more into my own, but I wasn’t prepared to see my view of a relationship change.


Easter Dream


I had a dream that I was stuck in the past.

I fell into a tarpit and couldn’t breathe.


I wake up & hear laughter from t.v. & look at the t.v. and it’s just comedy.

Johnny Carson.

It reminds me of people laughing at me and taking what is mine.

I feel like this was written in the stars for me. Just for me.

I change the channel & it’s manatees being rescued as well as leather back sea-turtles on PBS, WKNO-Memphis.

We can catch our own dreams & nightmares, if we just tap the skies & listen to it’s sounds.
Church. Preach. Prayer.