Feeling like I’m connected to a feeling deeper than living,

Afraid of a possibility I’m the only one that feels it,

Caught up in the rapture of love when I think of her,

FaceTimed caught me off guard but it still wasn’t you,

I don’t care who it is, cause I come home to you,

I will still say out loud that you bae, I know good and damn well in yo head you call me boo,

I’ll talk to you about feelings but not too often, just to know if it’s true,

I wouldn’t want to be anywhere with anyone else, I just want you.

I hope that you don’t take it the wrong way, but I enjoy declining h*es for you.

I don’t care what they could say, it won’t change the plans I got for you.

Nothing can change what I imagine to the world what we could do.

Blazing new paths most to many have never seen before,

Stay by my side I’ll show you a side of the world that could hold to your heart a true reward,

Cause baby I’m the catch and you got it all, I’m talking family and more in store because I know deep down inside there’s even more of you and there’s way more to me that we both could explore…

Caring too much or not enough, for those who don’t care at all.

Why do I feel that’s it’s up to me to prove that I care, when clearly the person I’m trying to show that I care obviously could care less?

I’m not the type to just give up on a person but I see that it’s easy for most people to give up on me.

You can’t appeal to everyone, I understand this, but I’m only trying to appeal to those in my immediate life. Friends stiff arm me, family does the same but that comes and goes, and mainly anyone woman I have an interest in, is only temporarily interested in me.

Sometimes I wonder if I chose to be an asshole, chose to go with my second mind, come off stand-offish and a loner who only wants to be touched if it’s sexually, I wonder if my life would be easier because it seems as if life gets easier the more you care less. As if not being genuine is truly the way to be because as much as I try to be genuine with anyone I choose to be around, it’s seems useless because I ultimately always become a mat to be stepped on.


My dad keeps me centered and has a his own way of reminding me to be a man, at all times.

He puts logic back into my head when I know it’s time for me to get outside of myself for answers, when everyone else to me begins to sound senseless.

I almost live by a method to madness but he preaches to me a method of practicality to implement into mine own life.


#DaBigHomieEno plays GTA V (ep.1)

#DaBigHomieEno plays GTA V (ep.1)

Life gets tougher everyday, but just remember what they’ve said about idle hands. I’m an artist of sorts and this is helping me get my mind off reality for a bit. Let’s enjoy some virtual reality together and become aware that I’m on the verge of something greater, this is just the beginning…

#DaBigHomieEno plays GTA V (ep.1)


Real is Rare but When is ”Real”…Real?

Just in my thoughts while meditating and I just think of how good things are in my life right now and another thought is that, how real is this?

This is…rare and foreign to me at the same time. It’s like, is it real???

How many bodies did I step over to get here? Who’s hearts were broken before me? Where are we going???

I d k who it is looking back at me through the mirror. I don’t recognize myself because I’ve only seen me this happy once before and I am sure, my past with another was pure lust…

This feels like the makings of love…but if not…it’s the new prototype……

I feel like I’m watching my other half of me take the wheel and lead me into who knows where and metaphorically, all I can do is watch from the passenger.

Did I take someone’s spot? And who is the person that lost this blessing because I love it but who lost it and why?

If it’s too good to be true then maybe it is but I can’t believe that because I know what’s worth it isn’t gonna be easy and I just want to know my obstacles ahead of time so I’m aware because if this is love and loyalty, let me fully understand how this came to be.

Show me your truth, and you’ll have nothing but me and my honesty and I want to take you further than the moon and back, I just need to understand…….are you my rider?