Walk Fashion Show: Model Casting Call

Crystal Bailey of Walk Fashion Show

Walk Fashion Show

Preview into the Walk Fashion Show: Model Casting Call

Enjoying the time I spent there.

Family Biz – Uncle’s Work

So my uncle used to have a wood carving hobby which was major on his street.

He caught the attention of an ice cream truck driver and that brought the attention of the neighborhood kids and so he threw a local pizza party for the youth.

As seen with his wooden crafts, you can see a real happy community gathering. Which is always good to see.

There will be more features of my family businesses on my blog, going forward.

Locs R Us

Locs R Us

Got an appointment to get these locs touched up and I want a line up.

Freshest Locs Around Get Done Here !!!

Caught Up With The Owner and She So Talented !

Wild Thoughts

Been fasting for nearly 3 years now and it has been a food fast, but going into this 3rd year, I’m somewhat switching gears and I’m also fasting on my online consumption with social media. I’ve learned that it has been my distraction and oddly enough I feel relief when I turn my phone off. DND isn’t enough sometimes neither is airplane mode because I’m still tempted to check on my phone if it’s on, but when it’s not, all bets are off and I feel hidden for some reason.

I don’t know who really reads these and sometimes when I want to talk but at times when I can’t talk to the people I want to, I’ll resort to these posts on my website.

I’ve been working on a lot of my own personality management lately. < image from the mobile app called, “The Pattern” >

I’m public and yet private. I’m trying to be more transparent mostly but when it’s something close to home, I’m more private. One thing I will say, cater to what caters to you. I’m working on not letting my stress manipulate me into becoming an a$$h*le.