No Name 2

It’s critical how political society can be. So opinionated that literally everything can be taken out of context and I get clipped with a subliminal. Misunderstanding upon misunderstanding, I am tired of being misunderstood. A lil bit of help is different from a lot. Specifically not being specific but I am sick of the random response.

No Name

Never been the same since the day they left me, been tested every day since, I think it’d be possible to die from all this stressing. Never been a mother’s favorite since the day I laughed at the jokes from the devil in its eyes. Cursed and traumatized watching all this trauma exercised. As much as I could do I can never seem to change the flow of ending in the same tragedies, repeated patterns of chaotic disasters. Relationships ending in bittersweet laughter. Never would I find someone like you or someone unlike you…