The Dub

The Dub;

Society has painted some weird image that only women deserved to be catered too.

When I say “cater” I mean, that it feels like people are supposed to tend to a woman who seems to be down on her luck and possibly sad for whatever reason and nothing is wrong with that at all. What I think is wrong is that on that same token, men who seem to be having it tough too, do not seem to get a similar treatment, just imo.

Not saying you need to treat a sad man like he’s a sad woman but what I want to know is why don’t we get catered to, as well, and in such way that’s acceptable towards a man?

Then maybe I’m just ranting.

Marshmallow Dream Bar

Just thinking about how tiresome attempting to attract and date is. It’s tiresome not knowing when an opportunity will arise and when one won’t. 

Money is always a constant topic floating in my mind. Finding the balance between productivity, creativity, and it being lucrative is not an easy task. Not easy at all.

It’s weird realizing when I want to be social and when I don’t. Sometimes I don’t realize how introverted I can be until I get tired of falling into the same routines.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m the reason why I’m single.

To Bottle or Not To Bottle?

​​I usually would let things out, like if I’m holding something back and I need to vent. I’ve never been the type to bottle things up but over time I’ve learned letting it out isn’t always as helpful. Sometimes you’re judged for venting and that’s stressful. Sometimes it’s not about what you say but moreso about what you don’t say and sometimes bottling some things up, I feel it builds character.


We are always confined.

Always in a room, always sectioned off.

We live in grids.

We live in boxes.

We drive in boxes.

We fly in boxes.

After we die, we’re buried in boxes.

Freedom comes from peace of mind, 

and being one with nature.

Genuine Nature.