Finding Your Inspiration

How do you find yours ?
I live life to find mine.

My creativity is organic and its always triggered from different experiences. 

However, if I havent felt like I’m doing anything new, my creativity doesn’t keep the same progression. Therefore, nothing is being created. 


This can’t be…

I feel like I’m either not living my life to the fullest or I just dont feel inspired and those two statements sound terrible.

I work in the field that I love though, I still edit and shoot videos for corporate.

I still feel productive in some way.


I’m making a life change. I want to live for me. I am an artist. I can’t create if my environment feels toxic. 
To clear the air, I need to isolate myself. I can’t let my surroundings distract my creative process and if you can’t understand that, then you just won’t.


I have to make the best out of this life cause I only have one and I can’t live for anyone else but myself right now.