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Sometimes you won’t know how people really feel until you turn around. Sometimes you just want to be loved and sometimes you just want to be accepted.


Mercury in Retrograde p.2

Man, a good woman makes me feel so at ease that I forget to keep my guards up early on but a fast woman always attempt to be a step ahead. Games are tiring.

Some people’s concepts on certain things are so wonked. How can some folk not see how flawed their logic is? Not saying the way I think is the way to go but at the same time I don’t parade my thoughts as if the people who don’t think similarly are beneath me or don’t deserve certain things because they have a different thought process.

This world is not enough, its too small. Not the actual world but just mine. I want more from life and I want a life where I dont feel like just a utility to make someone elses life better. Guess what I want dont really amount to shit & I’m sick of being the kleenex. Its cool, I’ll find my way somehow.

Can’t wait to see the world through a bigger scope cause I do not like feeling boxed in. Being open minded is great but when most folks around you have closed minds, you start to feel trapped or backed into a corner & outcasted.

Mercury in Retrograde p.1

Almost been 5 years now & how I feel about people, as much as I try to suppress it, hasn’t really changed much. When people try to label you as something you know you’re not, because they dont want to take the time to listen to you, it makes you just want to stop talking or explaining anything. To write someone off is much easier for most people & if thats really true, I fear for my sanity cause I refuse to deal with most people.

When you’ve gone through something most unfortunate, thats when you really begin to see humanity or lack thereof and I’m leaning towards the latter.

I’m never taken serious when I intend to be until I am, but by then I’m usually not as serious as I had intended.

I dont think its ever just about saying what you wanna say, cause not saying much at all can be quite fulfilling, seeing as to how none of it seems to matter anyway. What you say only should matter if it can change your circumstances, if not then whats the point of wasted breath?

There is so much I want to say but there is no point to any of it if most of what I say never seems to matter. I’m starting to wonder why anyone communicates with me at all sometimes. People talk to me to hear themselves talk, I’m almost convinced cause when I talk to most people it doesnt matter to them unless its for their benefit.